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My new year’s ‘revolution’: live more fully with less

There’s a decluttering revolution gaining momentum in Western society, and I’ve jumped on board. This Christmas our home reached capacity – there are now more material possessions in our house than there is room to store them (even the garage is full). I’m a…

January 12, 2016

The best plants to clean indoor air

Growing up, I noticed my mother had a natural affinity with plants. She had about fifty of them, spilling from the house into the garden in mismatched pots. On weekends she’d tend to them lovingly, talking and singing to them, softly and often out…

October 30, 2015
Master bedroom bedhead with cushions and side table with copper lamp

A spring-inspired bedroom refresh

I don’t know what it is about the beginning of spring that makes me want to chuck everything out. Maybe it’s the onset of the warmer weather and the need for less… less clothes to wear, less food to eat, less stuff to put away.…

September 1, 2015