Setting up a ‘landing strip’ in the entryway

February 8, 2016

Remember how I harped on about intentional shopping in my last post? Well, the other day I went to IKEA with the express intention of buying my dad a Rio de Janeiro print for his birthday, when I sort-of-accidentally wandered into Adairs next door and came home with a new console table. Oops! In my defense, I have been looking for a console table just like this one for months.

You see, I’ve been wanting to set up a ‘landing strip’ in our entryway for a while now. A place where we set down our belongings as we walk in the door: keys, phones, sunglasses, mail, school notes, you get the idea.

I was specifically after a narrow console table with two drawers, so I could use one as the ‘in’ drawer and the other as the ‘out’ drawer. The ‘in’ drawer holds paperwork like incoming mail, receipts, school notes and the kids’ artwork, until I get a chance to sort through them and either bin (my personal preference) or file them.


The ‘out’ drawer holds things I need to fix, return, gift or send packing from our house, like outgoing mail, books I’ve borrowed, friends’ Tupperware®, toys that have mysteriously come home in my bag from a playdate.


The landing strip has a dual purpose: it acts as a filter for incoming clutter, and it’s a strategic way to enter and leave the house.

To take things to the next level of OCD, I bought a set of hexagon jewellery trays from Kmart and re-purposed them as ‘his and hers’ trays, so James and I each have a place to dump all our small essentials as we walk in the door: keys, phones, wallets, sunglasses. Et cetera.


On the wall above the console we’ve placed a mirror for all those last minute banana-in-hair/toothpaste-on-clothes checks. Lastly, I performed a very complicated Kmart hack and turned a copper plant stand upside down to create an umbrella stand.

landing strip

So far, my fantasy of never getting asked, ‘Have you seen my…?’ as we’re about to walk out the door (usually already late) has been realised. I’m yet to get in the habit of checking the ‘out’ drawer every time I leave the house but, once I do, I’m going to be super-duper organised! No meltdowns by the front door, no forgotten or lost items. That’s the dream!


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