A spring-inspired bedroom refresh

September 1, 2015

I don’t know what it is about the beginning of spring that makes me want to chuck everything out. Maybe it’s the onset of the warmer weather and the need for less… less clothes to wear, less food to eat, less stuff to put away.

I do my spring cleaning in short bursts, usually while James is at work as he has a tendency to hoard things (if you’re reading this: I love you, honey!) and I like to declutter a room at a time so I don’t become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff we own.

Even though our home leans towards the minimalist end of the spectrum, an amazing amount of stuff keeps creeping into the house, usually via the kids’ pockets or Grandma’s handbag.

I began the spring clean in our bedroom, decluttering drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, discarding all the clothes that were looking ratty, passing on the ones we no longer wear to charity, and packing away all the winter warmers.

Then, with my nesting hormones still in full swing, I decided to take my spring clean to the next level and refresh the whole bedroom. I dreamed of creating a little sanctuary where James and I could hide from the kids, err… I mean, relax and unwind. A space that is fresh and colourful, as well as comfortable and contemporary, but wouldn’t break the maternity-leave bank. You probably know by now that I have an unhealthy obsession with cushions, so it was tough restraining my urge to rush out and buy new ones. Instead, I invested our pennies in a new bed head, side tables and lamps:


Here is a pic of the new furniture and decor in place:


Now I’m on the hunt for a rug and some art for the walls. Stay tuned for the next update!




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