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A custom canvas for the nursery

April 4, 2016

When my first daughter Amelie was about 6 months old, I wanted to give her something that was handmade and didn’t come off a production line in a faraway factory, something that would outlast all the plastic toys that were already falling apart, something that would, in essence, represent how much I love her and, with time, outlast even me.

So, I painted her a custom canvas, stroke after stroke, dot by dot.

When Isla was born, I wanted her to have something I’d laboured over with love, too. Then Cleo was born, and Holly was born, and Deacon followed, and so did Max and Dani (nb: these aren’t all my children). Before I knew it there were many special little people scattered across the globe, from Delaware to Gisborne to Ferrol, who I wanted to make something special for. I spent many nights, after the kids were in bed, painting dot after dot. I found it deeply relaxing, and it became my Namaste.


Recently, one of my dearest friends had a daughter, Jasmine. I’ve tried several times to put Jasmine in my handbag and smuggle her home, but her mum is onto me. She is just so darn cute. And Max is a giant compared to her. What is it they say about women of childbearing age…that they always yearn to have a baby in their arms? (Everybody calm down, we are not having another baby.)


I’m putting my paintbrushes down for now and, instead, I’m going to be creating digital canvases using the two designs above. Want to give a special little person in your life their own custom canvas? Contact me to find out more…


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