A ‘Berry’ tiring trip

September 19, 2015

Berry Car Trip

This is my family on the way home from our trip to Berry. We’re all exhausted from the sheer excitement of visiting Tracy’s family in their new home for the first time. Thankfully, James is still awake as he is the designated driver!

A highlight of the visit was Tracy, our mutual friend, Annemarie, and myself going out on Saturday night, after the kids and husbands had gone to bed.

Where do three young(ish) girlfriends go on a Saturday night in Berry, you ask? To the nearest big town, of course: Nowra. And, more specifically, the 24-hour Kmart.

Yep, that’s right. Nowra has a Kmart that is open 24 hours.

The 24-hour Kmart was like a parallel universe where shoppers were leisurely pushing trolleys full of goodies down the aisles, dressed in their best lounging clothes, unencumbered by trailing husbands or toddlers throwing tantrums.

And the homewares! Oh my. Affordable and on trend. As we strolled down the aisles, filling our communal trolley with homewares, my mind was ablaze with ideas. I could turn that stool into a side table, or those teardrop wall stickers into polka dots. It turns out (thank you, Tracy, for removing the rock I’ve been living under all this time), that there is a Kmart cult following. It seems Kmart hacks are old school, and I’m the newcomer.

I was home for about 3 minutes before I got started on my first Kmart hack, using the humble hexagon shadow box:

Kmart shadow box

First, I spray painted the entire box with several coats of Dulux Duramax Vivid White Gloss/Flat. Then I spray painted the outside panels and edging with White Knight Squirts Pink.


Next I used a 20 cent piece to trace circles on the pink and green Kmart Roomates Teardrop Wall Stickers. I’m not the best cutter-outer (that’s the technical term I use with the kids), but if you look at the dots with one eye closed, the edges look neat enough.


The next step was hanging the shadow box on the wall (this is where James came in with the drill) and decorate the wall with stickers (this is where Isla helped). Lastly, I cut up a Tiger Tribe mobile Isla had been given as a baby and stuck the individual butterflies to the wall.

Isla was thrilled to have a place to display her favourite keepsakes. Amongst her display are a magic wand I bought her on an outing with Tracy’s daughter; a wooden elephant she painted; and her collection of buttons.


Now Amelie would like a Kmart hack of her own. My work is never done…


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