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February 2016


Installing an IKEA METOD system into the laundry

When I last posted, our laundry renovation was looking like this: I’ve had a few people ask me about the cabinetry, so bear with me while I backtrack a little. During one of our regular strolls through IKEA (What? Your family doesn’t do this?),…

February 22, 2016
IKEA METOD laundry DIY project

Renovating the laundry & adding a second toilet

This summer, our family started playing a new sport: synchronised weeing. I think it was the extra water/ice-blocks/iced teas we were consuming to keep cool because whenever the bathroom was occupied, there was usually someone waiting outside with their legs crossed in comical semi-agony.…

February 15, 2016
Creating a landing strip in the entryway

Setting up a ‘landing strip’ in the entryway

Remember how I harped on about intentional shopping in my last post? Well, the other day I went to IKEA with the express intention of buying my dad a Rio de Janeiro print for his birthday, when I sort-of-accidentally wandered into Adairs next door…

February 8, 2016